Type Title Author Comments Last updated
Issue measures cannot be combined or splitted, if the file already has parts MLutz 8 2 months ago
Issue Loop playback doesn't count rests at end of final measure frangokastello 20 3 months ago
Issue Button for part updating to put layout changes into effect MLutz 25 5 months ago
Issue Crash on Linux on export to PDF when selecting an existing and sufficiently complicated file on trying to preview it MLutz 20 1 year ago
Issue Small size for lute tablature MLutz 5 1 year ago
Issue Some issues of 3.0-dev MLutz 9 1 year ago
Issue Feature request regarding lute tablature (possibly also useful for guitar tablature) MLutz 1 1 year ago
Issue Musescore saved a corrupted file MLutz 3 1 year ago
Issue Saving PDFs often shows heads and stems separated MLutz 23 1 year ago
Issue Show fingering in tablature doesn't show, but allow fingerings MLutz 3 1 year ago
Issue Vertical misplacing of "inverted" slur, if a system has 2 voices MLutz 0 1 year ago
Issue Lyrics: Underscore is too long and overlaps MLutz 13 1 year ago
Issue Self-defined text styles lead to crash MLutz 3 2 years ago
Forum topic Defining different tablature presets MLutz 4 2 years ago
Issue String data changes not synced between score and part MLutz 5 2 years ago
Issue Playback - sometimes scores are partly hidden MLutz 2 2 years ago
Issue Insert horizontal frame: problem with placement MLutz 2 2 years ago
Issue Anchoring of Voltas problematic MLutz 2 2 years ago
Issue Placement of bourdons in lute tablature MLutz 3 2 years ago
Issue Problems with tablature flags MLutz 2 2 years ago
Issue Request for additional ways of filtering / selecting only articulations, lyrics etc. MLutz 11 2 years ago
Issue "help signs" for bourdons (open bass strings) in tablature are to small MLutz 7 2 years ago
Issue Vertical Position of Bass Bourdons in historical Tablature MLutz 7 2 years ago
Issue lyrics hyphen is much too low in 3.0-dev MLutz 4 3 years ago
Issue Flags for note values aren't shown, if there are tuplet-changes (lute tablature) MLutz 2 3 years ago