Musescore saved a corrupted file

• Feb 22, 2016 - 19:02
S3 - Major

Attached is a file, that I made with the Master-nightly.

I have combined some measures and also parted some (bar line invisible) to be able to set the 1. and 2. repeat, without using the whole, long measures of the original.
I first thought, that this problem had to do with the experimantal feature of notes, that are longer than the measure, but I unchecked it, before I copied the music in.

There are some rests, that shouldn't be there (in the same voice???) - see screenshot, and there seem to be some incomplete measures in some instruments or voices - probably the splitted or combined measures?

BTW - the file can be loaded without problems (ignore), but the corruption stays ...

GIT commit: d08e14c

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Thanks for the report. In order to investigate further, it would help to know exactly *how* this happened. Ideally, you'd be able to show step by step instructions to reproduce this particular corruption.

I wouldn't be surprised to find the issue has to do with the experimental feature to allow notes longer than the measure - like perhaps the act of unchecking the option after already entering notes that way somehow led to problems (although when I tried that in a simple test it worked fine).

I fear, I cannot really say, how that happened. It is part of a file with some songs, that I worked on with parts already extracted. Could this be the problem (cf. other problem with corrupted file)?
Or could it have to do with the extended measures - the errors seem to be in the extended ones always? I quite often extended here the measures to have a similar notation as in the original - the parts I had already extracted ...
BTW - I could "heal" it by splitting the measures, correcting the note length etc. (cf. the attached file) - this is possible, when I have this song on its own, but a little bit more complicted, if it is one section in a bigger file ...

Wouldn't it be possible to test the integrity of files in the beta versions, when saving them (save and test), so that the user can really see, if there is a problem shortly after it came into existence ...

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