Show fingering in tablature doesn't show, but allow fingerings

• Mar 12, 2017 - 16:53
Reported version
S4 - Minor
needs info

Probably it would be better to really show and hide fingerings in tablature as in 2.1.
I am about to change that - and it will need much less code ;-).


Seems as if I promised something that I didn't fulfill.
Indeed currently in 3-dev the checkbox "show fingering in tablature" (should be "fingerings" btw) enables the possibility to use fingerings, but if I uncheck it, the fingerings will be shown anyway, they will not be hidden.
This should be changed in a behaviour, that the checkbox shows (and enables using of) fingerings and to uncheck it should hide them (and probably best should disable the use).
In short: "show fingering in tablature" in master only disables or enables the use of fingerings, but does not really hide existing fingerings!

In 2.3.2 the checkbox shows and unhides fingerings, but they can always be added (which possibly could be a problem, as in the unhide-mode fingerings would be set - more or less blind ...).
I hope the difference is understandable that way.