Defining different tablature presets

• May 22, 2018 - 13:38

I hope this topic fits into thie forum, but I don't think it would be correct in feature request, as it mainly handles about the way of using tablature.

I now count at the moment 13 different notation ways and I fear, if we will continue in the current path, there should be much more. We have already
(1-3) 6-string tablature simple & common & full
(4-6) 5-string tablature simple & common & full
(7-9) 4-string tablature simple & common & full
(10) Ukulele
(11) Balalaika
(12) 6-string-italian
(13) 6-string-french

As you can imagine, there also should be 4-string-italian, 4-string-french, 5-string-italian anf 5 string-french, when the historical instruments will be also presented in instruments.xml.
And there also should be a way to notate the Angelique, which has a variated 6-string-french notation.
So that would sum up to (at least) 18 different tablature presets.
That would make the dialogue even more confusing.

Wouldn't it be better to only list the different forms, so to say:
tablature simple
tablature common
tablature full
tablature-italian (historical/lute)
tablature-french (historical/lute)

The number of lines can be set up in the dialogue-box very easily.

But then it would be necessary to have a way to set up the number of lines in instruments.xml
I think, that would help to make things more easy.


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