Stem & Beam Direction Quick Reset

• May 6, 2020 - 17:15

Over the years, I have collected many scores/sheets, originally created by others in one form or another, which I brought into MuseScore 2 and cleaned up. When I have a reason to work on them, I bring them into MuseScore 3, do the conversion and make any tweaks required. I am very happy with the results.

One of the things I didn’t always do in MuseScore2 was to reset any manually set stems or beams not set to auto. With the ease of transposing in MuseScore 3, I have realized this is VERY beneficial and one of the first things I do after the conversion from a MS2 file to a MS3 file.

My normal process for this is to select the measures, select NOTES in the Inspector and click the RESET TO STYLE DEFAULT. However, this doesn’t reset the beams to auto, that requires an additional step, at least for me.

Am I missing something that would make this process a little easier, or could a STEMS & BEAM direction button be added to the Inspector to make this a little simpler?

Thanks in advance for any insight or help anyone can offer.


For me, stems and beams reset along with many other things by doing Ctrl-A (select all) then Ctrl-R (or Format → Reset Shapes and Positions)

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