MuseScore for Band

Diverse templates

Concert band, brass band, marching band, battery and pit percussion—ready out-of-the-box. (Plus big band for jazz.)

Band templates in MuseScore's new score setup wizard

Linked parts...

Any change you make to any part is immediately reflected in the full score—and vice versa.

Linked part editing in a wind symphony score in MuseScore

… and custom linked parts

You can even keep a drumline score linked to a full marching band score and to individual percussion parts.

MuseScore's Parts dialog

One-click transposition

Instantly switch between transposed and concert pitch. Sounding pitches stay the same while the written notes change.

Clarinet music switching from concert pitch to transposed pitch

And more…

  • Full band sounds (including marching percussion)
  • Playback of almost all notation elements
  • Mixing and panning for individual parts
  • Style rules apply to the whole score at once
  • Total control of every score element’s position
  • Continuous View displays score as endless ribbon, with no layout breaks
  • Easy-to-use and customizable interface
  • Note entry via mouse, keyboard, or MIDI (including real-time)
  • Import from other music notation software via MusicXML
  • Share music online with
  • Send scrolling sheet music videos to YouTube
  • Rehearse on the go with MuseScore mobile apps
  • Full-featured desktop software free for Mac, Windows, and Linux