MuseScore read and writes musicXML 2.0, including the compressed mxl format

• Sep 4, 2008 - 21:20

Today Recordare LLC announced a new update of the Dolet 4 plugin for Sibelius which offers the ability to export musicXML 2.0 files. It is noteworthy to say that some of the knowhow to add MusicXML support for chord names in MuseScore, has been used for the development of the Dolet plugin as well.

This is just one of the indications that MuseScore has really good build in MusicXML support. But there are more indications as well.

  1. Exporting your work to MusicXML in MuseScore goes in a blink of an eye. With the Dolet plugin, waiting time of 10 seconds per page with only one part is no exception. The reason for this delay is the plugin framework in Sibelius: it offers great possibilities to write plugins in Manuscript, but it is rather slow to execute them.
  2. Musescore can export to compressed musicXML files which results in a .mxl file. A 200kB musicXML gets compressed to the size of only 10kb. Ideal if you wish to provide your sheet music on your website for download or distribute via email. In the Dolet plugin however, there is no mxl support. Most likely, this will only change when the Sibelius decides to build in musicXML export, rather than delegating it to the Dolet plugin.
  3. The last main difference between MuseScore and Sibelius + Dolet, is the fact that MuseScore is free whereas Dolet currently ships for $150.
  4. Knowing this, we could say that this is yet again proof that open source software in general has better support for open standards, in this specific case the MusicXML format. Still, the Dolet plugin is a nice piece of software and a must have for Sibelius users who wish to provide their work to MuseScore users. Ideal for teachers who are used to work with Sibelius and want to distribute their sheets to students who might work with the free MuseScore.

    MuseScore is currently in version 0.9.2. For windows users, it is advised to one of the most recent prerelease until the release of version 0.9.3 or 1.0.

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