Problems importing from audiveris

• Jun 18, 2014 - 14:09

Hi all,

I'm trying to import musicxml from the OMR tool audiveris, but musescore coredumps.

I've attached the file, which validates against musicxml.xsd version 3.0.

To get it to validate I did need to do a bit of post-processing from the file which audiveris output - just to provide a default value for the bar-style element.

I've tried this both with the musescore 1.3 (the version shipped with the current ubuntu 14.04), as well as the latest nightly built (2014-06-18-10-02-d0768a7).

1.3 says this just before segfaulting:
:line:188 col:35 print:measure:part:score-partwise:: Unknown Node , type 1

the nightly says something a bit different:

importMusicXml(0x412c910, /home/alex/Dropbox/omr/alex/MultiOMR/roundtrip/k387-0v-fixed.xml)
Validation time elapsed: 5557 ms
importMusicXml() file '/home/alex/Dropbox/omr/alex/MultiOMR/roundtrip/k387-0v-fixed.xml' is a valid MusicXML file
MxmlReaderFirstPass::parseFile() begin
part list
Floating point exception (core dumped)

Should musescore be able to import this file in theory, or is there a musicxml version mismatch, or something like that? Does anyone have any tips about interfacing between this software?

Thanks very much + best wishes


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Thanks for the report.
The problem is probably caused by time signature with "null" as numerator and denominator...
See line 23864 and 33616.
There is also an arpeggio on a rest and MuseScore doesn't support this.

After fixing this, I can import it in the current development version, export to MusicXML and import in 1.3. The result is not really usable as far as I can see...

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Thanks very much for looking at this! Yes it is expected that the actual results aren't good, from an unsupervised OMR scan.

I'm not clear on one point - why did you move it from development musescore to 1.3 via musicxml? Is this because 1.3 supports a different version of musicxml?

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