Accordion counter basses

• Jul 6, 2014 - 20:50

Any ideas re indicating the counter bass for the accordion - usually a dash under the bass note?

The nearest I can find is under Articulations and Ornaments, but it's a tenuto. This works for most single bass notes, but if I drag it to where a bass note and chord are played at the same time, it wants to put the symbol on top of the chord, not under the bass note.

Very grateful for any suggestions!




Firstly, don't drag but click on the note then double-click on the tenuto in the palette. Maybe not much faster for a single note but it comes into its own for multiple notes - select all the notes you want it to apply to (well, maybe do them in batches rather than every note at once) then double-click on the tenuto.

You can double-click on a tenuto once it is on the staff (i.e. under or or over a note or chord) and then use the Up or Down arrows to move it (about six or seven presses of the arrow key is average).

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