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• May 8, 2010 - 17:48

Hello. I am using Musescore 0.9.5 on Ubuntu 9.10. I am working on a band assignment in which I have to arrange a 16 bar piece for a small band. I have 19 instruments that need to be included. When I tried to create the score, it put the title on it's own page and the rest of the piece on page 2. Is this normal? Does it automatically fix this once I have added notes? I do not want to start on this until I know that I won't have to start all over again later.

Many thanks

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There are several ways to solve your problem.
- Increase the page size in Layout-> Page settings
- reduce the scale of the score in Layout-> Page settings -> scaling
- The settings in Style->Edit style->page

Attached is your score moved to the first page.

I'm not entirely clear which exact change I made that worked, but what I did was go to>Style>Edit General Style>page.

If you look at the setting attached to this file you will see the changes I made. The one that finally made the difference was changing the staff distance.


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