Musescore 2.0 Font Behavior (was "Musescore 2.0 won't open")

• Feb 1, 2015 - 01:09

This is a new post because I have discovered more about what is going on with Musescore 2.0 and
otf fonts on a windows 7.0 system. Previously it appeared that my software or display driver or something
peculiar about Toshiba laptops was the issue. From a cold boot Musescore 2.0 won't open on my system.
The debug version reports that a fatal error occurred loading some otf font. When this happens, I can't
open ANY oft font (outside of Musescore, just double clicking any oft font, will load the font into the
built-in windows font viewer). When I do this (double click) microsoft reports "font appears invalid".

Okay, end of that story. Here's the new information:

1) from a cold boot, I can double click ANY otf font and it WILL open in windows font viewer (carefully
notice, this has to be from a cold boot BEFORE running Musescore 2.0
2) from a cold boot, if I FIRST try to run Musescore 2.0, it won't open. THEN I CAN'T LOAD/VIEW ANY
otf font on my system.
3) from a cold boot, if FIRST I view an oft font, with windows viewer (again, just double click)........
NOW HERE'S THE IMPORTANT PART: NOW MUSESCORE 2.0 WILL NOW open, loading the oft fonts, no problem.

I have carefully verified 1-3 above, rebooting my system about 20 times. I am sure this is what it is doing.
So my current work around is to always double click an oft font before running Muscscore 2.0. Then
Musescore 2.0 always loads (without the -d option, I might add, if you've read previous posting).

Please note that before I "discovered" this I tried EVERY solution one can find posted on the internet
concerning windows reporting not being able to open oft fonts, including the registry hack, making sure
display driver was current, rolling back the display driver, loading the latest windows service pack, etc.

Any comments, insights, suggestions ARE MOST WELCOME. THANKS!
PS I wouldn't have gone thru all this trouble if Musescore 2.0 wasn't a great piece of software. I love it !


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