graphic little bug

• Apr 1, 2009 - 13:39

Hi again,

a little bug to submit: please see the attached capture.
It is about a chord, in F clef, bar 4 of the first system, in the second interval D-E: the horizontal lines doesn't go around the D.


Kubuntu 9.04 beta,
MS 0.9.5 rev 1698


Yes, the first ledger line shall run below both D4 and E4. The ledger line for E4 is also too short; it should protrude more from both ends of the note. Additionally, the two top notes of the chord, D4 and E4, are not properly set: E4 shall be straight above G#3, and D4 to the left of E4. There is an engraving rule for this which says that a chord of stemless notes shall be vertically aligned as if it had a common stem. Two bars later, in bar 6 of this system, the same chord is correctly set.

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