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• Jun 4, 2015 - 15:49

Hi, I have a number of MIDI files for which not all lyrics get imported. I've attached two example files with corresponding mscz's in which I've indicated the position of the missing lyric labels. It's probably no coincidence that the failures happen when something special is going on. In the first case, the first lyric is dropped (lyric message before first note-on message?). In the second case the corresponding notes are in second voice, with only rests in the first voice. I'm using 2.0.1 on OS X 10.10.3.

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Wow, I'm impressed by the speed this has been patched. The patch indeed solves this particular case, but unfortunately, I'm encountering 3 more MIDI import bugs/issues in the same file. I've again added the mscz annotated with the issues, the MIDI file (which is quantised, but not made by me, so I don't have a better source) and a screenshot of the sheet music it should ideally resemble.

1) A real bug: dotted notes don't seem to be recognised correctly (in blue)
2) An undesired division of the notes into voices: first voice contains rests (in green)
3) An inconsistent division of notes over the staffs: the red note should be in the bass clef, now the layout of the treble clef gets majorly screwed. I understand that the division between staffs isn't trivial, but funnily the following higher note gets assigned correctly to the lower staff, so there's some (inconsistent) logic going on, not just a fixed division point like middle C.

I have a feeling that the last two issues, and maybe all three, are related because they have something to do with splitting the MIDI into voices/staffs. That's definitely not straightforward, but maybe someone could take a look? Thanks!

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