Flute notes play too short

• Jul 12, 2015 - 19:20

Something that has been bothering me for a while while composing is an issue with the flute parts not playing long enough. flute notes are being cut off about about 7/4 of a beat too early for every 32 beats. This is especially noticeable when the flutes have a held note, where the longer the note gets, the more empty space it gets at the end whereas it should still be playing the sound. There are no markings put on the note, and it only affects the flutes. Is this something I can easily fix myself, or would it require a patch?

When you open the attachment, it will have an extra note on the end of the 8 tied whole notes, that's just a place marker so that the note plays the full length (technically), but you can delete that if you want. You can also edit the tempo so it doesn't play so slowly, it's just for the music itself.

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Are you seriously expecting a flute player to hold a note for over 30 seconds?

That aside, I think you have fallen foul of MuseScore's automatic note shortening system intended to differentiate between normal tongued playing and full legato.

The interesting thing is that the piccolo doesn't have this, so there is probably something in the instrument.xml file that needs adjusting.

As a workaround, this open the Piano Roll editor for the stave concerned and make the note longer.

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