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• Jun 8, 2009 - 17:28

Hello -

I've just started using MuseScore, and it's absolutely fantastic. However, I have an odd problem.

After using it for a couple of days, all of the text on the menu bar, and on the buttons on the palette, and all similar, rather seminal, text, has turned to a sort of non-font - sort of squares instead of letters.

I remembered where the preferences button on the drop-downs was, and went to that, but it won't let me change to a recognisable font, neither can I get at the reset defaults button.

When it first happened, I thought that I could just save my files, uninstall the software, and re-download it. I did this, and it's come back the same. I've purged the recycle bib, and anything else I could think of, and reinstalled again, but still the same problem.

I should add that this has not happened to any other programme, because I did initially think it was a computer or Vista problem.

Does anyone have any answers?




Hi Chris,

First thing I would propose is to download and install the latest prerelease for windows which you can find at Before you install, backup your work and uninstall musescore.

When the problem is still persistent, could you make a screenshot and attach it to a comment on this topic?


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