Fit into set number of pages

• Aug 18, 2009 - 22:38

I just created a score of my composition and found that the last 6 measures or so have been moved to the fourth page. I want the score to fit on three pages, if not two (I wrote the music by hand on < 2 pages.) I don't want to shrink the size, or make the manuscript crowded, and I think it's possible to fit the music on three pages. Anyone know how?


I had this problem several times, but I found a possible solution to this problem. If you don't find this helpful, you can always try to enlarge the music or simply try to find another solution.

Place "break line" symbols found under the Breaks/Spacer palette on the last measure in each line of music, excluding a few of the last lines. Then, simply shrink the music by a little bit, or decrease the measure spacing slightly to fit those last few measures on the third page. I find that decreasing the measure spacing is more effective because since you placed the "break line" symbols on the other lines of music, those lines won't be affected by you decreasing the measure spacing, and all that would happen would be the last few lines on which you did not place the symbol, those would simply squeeze a few more measures in. :-)

Hope this helps,

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