Problem with Mac OS 10,6 (Snow Leopard)?

• Sep 21, 2009 - 22:04

Attempts to run current version just downloaded on Mac OS X 10.6 results in machine freeze. Anything I can do to help solve this??

Chuck Boody


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A tried again today after some updates to the OS. MuseScore seems to work fine now, though it is a little slow to start. Once started it seems to work well. I suspect something was amiss in the OS before.

Thanks for the comments.

BTW it is cboody and not cbooby...though I certainly feel that way some days :->

Sorry there is no input so far.
The button changes status, prefs can be set.
I left only 1 midi input plugged in. Got a signal in Garageband and Live but no signal at all on musescore.
A friend confirms it works on 10.5.8

Hope this helps

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