Help for non-musician

• Nov 15, 2009 - 04:32

Forgive the possibly dumb question which is: If I have only music (mp3, wav, midi), will MuseScore automatically create the notes/score for it if I upload it into the software somehow? I am not a musician but have music that I would like to have the notes/score to in sheet form.


To me, the most important part of your question involves you wanting to understand how to document "music" visually and intellectually. That is why notation was developed, and is continuing to be developed.

Common Music Notation is an agreed-upon way to share an experience (assuming a common "pallet (instrument, intellectual construct)" using visual representation to define "time" (when are we?), "pitch" (where are we?) and "harmony" (how are we?).

You don't need to be a musician to study how music has been passed on.



Regarding your question, it's not possible with MuseScore to convert MP or Wave to sheet music. It's a very hard 'physical" problem to solve and there is currently no way of doing it for a polyphonic recording (as far as I know). You have to detect the pitches played by all instruments at the same time etc ...

Regarding MIDI, it's quite different since the pitches (and other infos) are in, and you can try to import a midi in MuseScore.
The result is far from perfect thought, because Western notation has a lot more details than a midi file can handle.

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