I can't upload tonight. Upload fails for my sheets...

• Oct 23, 2013 - 22:02

I get this message when I upload tonight.

We're sorry but your score could not be processed.
The uploaded file could not be opened. If the score was created with MIDI file import, the solution might be to remove so called control characters. Ask the community to help you on the MuseScore forum

An Invalid XML character (Unicode: ox3) was found in the element content of the document

I made my score the usual way, picking up a piano-chart and made the sheet. I attached the screen shot.

I'd be really happy for a quick reply since I have to use the scores for a rehearsal tomorrow. What is the matter, and what can I do


I just erased them, after having copied the content into a new template. This worked for me.
But I still don't know, what went wrong and how to avoid it another time.

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This error message is displayed when a alien character is present in a text field (the title, a lyric element etc...). I don't know how this alien character ends up in the file. My best guess so far is that it comes from one of this reason. Can you tell if you are in one of these cases?

  • MIDI import
  • using mac and copy pasting text in a text field

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