bug when 2 voices have the same note

• Jan 26, 2014 - 16:29

Write a note in one voice, for ex a half note, then in another voice write at the same pitch another value, for ex a quarter note, the two characters are next to each other which is normal. Then make the quarter note a chord by adding another note on it at a bigger interval than a second, for ex a third: the third in the one voice and the half note alone in the other voice are aligned so that you have a half note and a quarter note merged together at the same pitch which is unreadable...
(Note, if you only have the same rhythm, only half notes for ex, it will do the same, but it will be unimportant because there is no problem reading it.)

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See attachment, and feel free to experiment upon it.

You'll need to use the following:
To flip stem direction - use 'X'
To mirror note head - use 'Shift' + 'X'
Notes can be moved/aligned - double click on note to enter edit mode, then use arrows.
In addition to Shoichi's post above, also see:
for info. on fine tuning the note movement/alignment in smaller increments.
Also, rests can be set to invisible (if desired) by right clicking on them, then 'set invisible'.

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