Other symbols

    The Symbols palette

    The Symbols palette is a large repository of musical symbols additional to those found in the main palettes area. It is actually a section within the Master palette.


    To view the Symbols palette, select View→Master Palette, or use the shortcut Shift+F9. Then click on “Symbols” in the list of headings. This reveals all the symbols. You can also click on a subcategory to focus on a specific set of symbols.

    Symbols palette

    You can search for a symbol by entering a term in the Search box at the top of the Symbols section. Specify the musical font you want in the dropdown at the bottom right.

    Adding symbols to your score

    Symbols added from the Symbols palette scale in line with the score (see Staff size), but their font-size is fixed.

    If you need a symbol with an adjustable font-size, you should consider adding it instead from the Special characters palette as staff text.

    Add a symbol

    Use one of the following methods:

    • Select one or more score elements (notes, rests, barlines) then click on the desired symbol in the Symbols palette.
    • Drag the desired symbol from the Symbols palette onto a score element (note, rest, barline).

    Add to other symbols

    After adding a symbol, you can, if required, add an additional symbol to the existing one. Use one of the following:

    • Select a symbol (previously added to the score from the Symbols palette), then click on the desired symbol in the Symbols palette.
    • Drag the desired symbol onto the existing symbol in the score.

    Reposition symbols

    To reposition, you can drag the symbol, or edit the offsets in the Apprearance section of the Properties panel. You can also move the symbol using the keyboard arrows—after selecting it and entering edit mode by pressing Alt+Shift+E or F2.

    If two symbols have been joined together (see Add to other symbols, above), moving the first-added symbol moves both. However you can still move the second symbol in relation to the first.