Positioning of elements

    Default position

    • placement (above/below)
    • offset


    Vertical collision avoidance

    • minimum distance

    Horizontal collision avoidance

    • lyrics, chord symbols (space added)
    • dynamics/hairpins (hairpin shortened)

    Disabling auto-place

    • shortcut, Properties

    Manual adjustment

    • mouse / drag (with/without Alt, if that's still supported to disable autoplace)
    • keyboard nudge (with/without Ctrl) - double-click first to enter Edit mode?
    • Properties / offset
    • see also Basics / Adjusting elements directly (or wherever else this is discussed)

    Vertical alignment

    Automatic alignment

    • lyrics, voltas, pedal, dynamics/hairpins
    • style setting for range

    Manual alignment

    • multiselect + Properties offset
    • grid