Upgrade from MuseScore 3.x

Updated 1 month ago


Keyboard Shortcuts

See All keyboard shortcuts for MuseScore 4. Here are the common ones that have changed or are entirely new:

Action MuseScore 3 MuseScore 4
Add tied note + T
Next Measure (Chord Symbol Entry) Tab Ctrl/Cmd+
Previous Measure (Chord Symbol Entry) Shift+Tab Ctrl/Cmd+
Toggle accidental: flat None -
Toggle accidental: natural None =
Toggle accidental: sharp None +
Edit element Alt+Shift+E F2 or Alt+Shift+E
Insert special characters... F2 Shift+F2
Jump to next UI pane None F6 or ` (backtick / grave accent)
Jump to previous UI pane None Shift+F6 or Shift+`
Show / hide selection filter F6 None

Other changes

Missing Features

Due to the nature of the upgrade some features previously present in MuseScore 3 have not (yet) been included. See this page in the developers' handbook for a listing of those items.