Working with VSTi

    Introduction to VSTi Plugins

    MuseScore 4 supports VSTi (Virtual Studio Technology instrument) plugins and effects. VST instruments include software simulation emulations of well-known hardware synthesizers and samplers. Any compatible VST plugins on your computer will be automatically made available in the Mixer, where you can easily switch between VSTi plugins, stack multiple VST effects, and access plugin interfaces for further customization.

    MuseScore 4 also supports its own free, high quality sample libraries, Muse Sounds. See Installing and using Muse Sounds for details.

    Sounds you load in the Mixer will always be saved on a per-score basis, so there is no longer any need for the Synthesizer panel found in MuseScore 3 (this has been removed in MuseScore 4). If you previously used SFZ files for playback in MuseScore 3, we now recommend that you use a free VST sampler, like Sfizz or Sforzando, both of which support SFZ playback. #

    See SoundFonts to learn more about support for the .sfz format in MuseScore 4.

    Enabling, disabling, removing and replacing VST plugins

    To learn more about how to work with VST plugins in the Mixer, see Audio FX and Sounds.