The most common types of accidentals are provided in the Accidentals toolbar above the score and in the Accidentals palette in the basic workspace. A more comprehensive range can be found in the Accidentals palette in the advanced workspace.

Accidentals palette (Basic)
Accidentals palette (Basic workspace)

Add accidental

Accidentals are automatically added to a note, as appropriate, when you increase or decrease its pitch:

  • : Increase the pitch of a note by one semitone (favors sharps).
  • : Decrease the pitch of a note by one semitone (favors flats).

To add either (i) a double flat or double sharp, (ii) a courtesy (also known as cautionary or reminder) accidental, or (iii) a non-standard accidental, use one of the following options:

  • Select a note and click on an accidental in the toolbar above the score.
  • Select a note and double-click an accidental in the Accidentals palette (basic or advanced workspace).
  • Drag an accidental from the Accidentals palette on to a note.

If you wish to add parentheses to a cautionary accidental, use one of the following:

  • Select the accidental in the score and double-click the parentheses symbol in the Accidentals palette.
  • Drag the parentheses symbol from the palette onto the accidental.
  • Select the accidental and check the "Has bracket" box in the Inspector (as of version 2.1).

If you later change the pitch of a note with cursor keys, manual settings to the accidental are removed.

If required, accidentals can be deleted by clicking on them and pressing Del.

Change enharmonic spelling

To change the enharmonic spelling of a note or group of notes, select the note or notes and press J. Repeatedly pressing J cycles through enharmonic equivalents. If the notes selected are not all the same, the effect may be unpredictable.

To change the enharmonic spelling in the transposed view, without affecting the concert pitch view, or vice versa, press Ctrl+J (Mac: Cmd+J).

Respell pitches

The menu function NotesRespell Pitches tries to guess the right accidentals for the whole score.

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