Handbook page creation form fields

Updated 1 year ago

The page form has several form fields and options to fill in. Here are the instructions.


Submit a normal readable page title. Use sentence-case capitalization.

Menu settings (optional)

The menus settings are for main pages only—not book pages!

  • Menu link title: only fill in a title when this page is supposed to be placed in the right side Menu!!
  • Parent item: Do not change this, leave on Secondary links!
  • Weight: change the weight with the Administer Menu link at the right in the Administer menu


  • Set to - Not specified - when the page is not supposed to be translated
  • Otherwise select the language you are writing the page for


Type in whatever you want. The HTML is filtered:

  • Lines and paragraphs break automatically.
  • Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically.
  • Allowed HTML tags: <a> <em> <strong> <cite> <ul> <ol> <li> <dl> <dt> <dd>
  • Some special doc tags (HTML 5 reference):
  • You may use inline tags to display uploaded files or images inline.


The <kbd> tag represents input by the user usually via keyboard. For example:

  • Code: Enter the title of the piece: <kbd>Sonata No. 1</kbd>
  • Display: Enter the title of the piece: Sonata No. 1

Use nested <kbd> tags to represent a specific action, such as pressing the Escape key or the letter S

  • Code: <kbd><kbd>Escape</kbd></kbd>
  • Display: Escape
  • Code: <kbd><kbd>Crtl</kbd>+<kbd>S</kbd></kbd> saves the document
  • Display: Crtl+S saves the document

See the HTML 5 recommendations for more details on nested kbd and nested samp tags

Sample display text

The <samp> tag represent sample output by the computer. Use the mode class to mimic the display of modes in Musescore.

  • Code: <samp class="mode">Edit mode</samp>
  • Display: Edit mode


Since menu items represent a combination of computer output and user input the samp tags are nested in kbd tags. Use the menu, submenu, and menuitem classes to indicate menu hierarchy

  • Code: <kbd><samp class="menu">Edit</samp> → <samp class="menuitem">Copy</samp></kbd>
  • Display: EditCopy
  • Code: <kbd><samp class="menu">Notes</samp> → <samp class="submenu">Tuplets</samp> → <samp class="menuitem">Quintuplet</samp></kbd>
  • Display: NotesTupletsQuintuplet

Book outline (optional)

Only use this to change the parent of this page within your book.

File attachments (optional)

You may upload attachments to this page and use the inline tags to place them into your body content. Never upload images with an alpha channel, which is typically used for making 24-bit images transparent. The PDF engine used for creating handbook PDFs cannot cope with alpha channels. Transparent 8-bit images are OK.