Clefs are located in the Clefs palette in both the Basic and Advanced workspaces.

Note: The Clefs palette in the Basic workspace only displays treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs. To access more, switch to the Advanced workspace (see image below) using the menu below the palettes. You can also create a custom palette containing exactly the clefs you want.

Clefs palette (Advanced)

Add a clef

Add clef to beginning of measure

Method 1—add clef to beginning of a measure, whether or not it is the first measure in a system

  • Select a measure and double-click a clef symbol in the palette, OR
  • Drag a clef from the palette onto a measure.

Method 2—only for changing the clef at the start of a system

  • Select the existing clef at the beginning of the system and double-click a new clef from the palette, OR
  • Drag a new clef from the palette directly onto the existing clef.

Add mid-measure clef

To create a mid-measure clef:

  • Click on a note and then double-click a clef in the palette.

Note: If the clef is not the first in the system, it will be drawn smaller.

In this image, the top staff starts with a treble clef and switches immediately to bass clef, then after a note and a rest, changes back to treble clef.

Clef changes

Note: Changing a clef does not change the pitch of any note. Instead, the notes move to preserve pitch. If you want, you can use Transposition in conjunction with a clef change.

Courtesy clefs

When a clef change occurs at the beginning of a system, a courtesy clef will be generated at the end of the previous system. To show or hide courtesy clefs, go to StyleGeneral...Page and check/uncheck the "Create courtesy clef" option.

Remove a clef

Select a clef and press Del.

Hide clefs

Display clef only in the first measure (for all staves)

  • Go to StyleGeneral... Page and uncheck "Create clef for all systems."

Display clef only in the first measure (for a particular staff)

  1. Right click on the staff, select Staff properties... and uncheck "Show clef."
  2. Open the Master Palette and select the "Symbols" section.
  3. Drag and drop a clef from the master palette onto the first measure of the staff, OR select the first note and double-click a clef in the master palette

Note: This option may be useful to TAB users who do not want the clef to repeat on every subsequent line.

Hide all clefs in a particular staff

  • Right click on the staff, select Staff properties... and uncheck "Show clef."
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