Release notes for MuseScore 3.5 (August 6, 2020)

Updated 3 years ago
Build number Date Announcement
macOS 10.10+:, Windows 7+ (32 and 64-bit):, Linux AppImage: 3.5.0 (revision: 43c5553) 2020-08-06

New features

  • Option available in Preferences for playback of chord symbols
  • Mid-staff instrument changes now do almost everything automatically (see below)
  • Support for Orca (Linux) screenreader
  • Hairpins, voltas, and other lines now adapt anchor points when dragged
  • Much more functional piano roll editor (see below)
  • Splash screen displays progress messages while loading MuseScore
  • Diatonic pitch up/down (keep degree alterations) shortcuts
  • Select Similar Elements: Same Beat
  • #293113: New Score Wizard automatically numbers instruments
  • #18897 partial fix: Property for beam style of tremolo (all strokes attached to stem)
  • #296075: Style for hiding brackets which span to a single staff when empty staves are hidden
  • #203026: Properties and styles for measure number positioning, including centered and below staff
  • #65241: Property and style for position of multimeasure rest numbers
  • #299644: Property for fretboard diagram rotation


  • #16077: Double-click a header, footer, or instrument name to access the dialog for editing it
  • #27371: Score tabs can now be closed using mouse middle button
  • Improved layout of two-note and single-note tremolos, with and without stem
  • #93376: Smooth scrolling during playback in Continuous view
  • Various improvements to simplify searching and loading backup files
  • #303617: Metric modulation for dotted eighth to quarter
  • Automatic collision avoidance between rests and notes/rests in other voices
  • Staff property to automatically merge rests between voices
  • Allow selection of multiple similar items with shift+click
  • Allow "repeating a note" by clicking a notehead then pressing "R" in normal mode
  • Changes made in Preferences are applied significantly faster
  • Style options to align chord symbols within systems
  • More zoom controls
  • Additional plugin capabilities
  • Altered keyboard and mouse zoom precision and consistency
  • Improved performance of applying preferences
  • Chords playback is on by default (untick the "play" property to disable it)
  • Adding notes to a tuplet now adds them with respect to the tuplet's space
  • MuseScore 3 is now available as a Windows PortableApp
  • Altered Shift+L/R for leading space while in edit mode upon notehead
  • All symbols are now available for the plugins


  • JACK audio/MIDI worked incorrectly on some platforms
  • #148311: Loop playback skipped final rests in the last measure
  • MIDI note-off events were not sent in some cases
  • Undoing slur addition to a range only removed one slur
  • Canceling a selection worked incorrectly in some cases
  • macOS package was not notarized in Apple
  • Various fixes for the text editing process
  • Fixed an issue when hiding notes or rests in a voice > 1 causes stems/beams to flip in a bad and unexpected way
  • Fixed an issue when two grace notes disabling vertical chord alignment (Maximum Shift Above)
  • Fixed an issue when "maximum shift above" leading to layout weirdness if measure has rhythm slashes and rests
  • Fixed an issue with inactive "Realize chord symbols" command
  • Fixed an issue when key signature appears in multiple places on the single staff
  • Fixed an issue with missing grid of measures in the "timeline" view
  • Fixed an issue with appearing of empty dialog during the "Save Online"
  • Fixed an crash during the drag & drop of volta in continuous view
  • Brackets were displaced in Continuous View
  • Nested tuplets in linked staves led to corruption
  • Octave selection was inconsistent in note input mode
  • Voices worked incorrectly in the parts dialog in some cases
  • Misclicking when attempting to create a range selection caused the current selection to be lost
  • On-screen rendering of synthetically emboldened fonts was broken in some cases
  • Smooth scrolling worked wrong in Continuous view when dealing with repeats
  • Saving Online a yet unsaved or uncompressed (mscx) file didn't work
  • Fixed zoom-box 100% selection bug.
  • Fixed a bug with ignoring of blank lines at top of text elements
  • Fixed an issue when cut/paste, drag/drop in Piano Roll Editor does not preserve NoteEvent values
  • Fixed a playback of chord symbols attached to fret diagrams
  • Fixed a note entry suggested position with no selection and last selected note in voice > 1
  • Fixed a display of the bold and underlined texts
  • Fixed the "Save Online" on AppImages

Complete list of issues resolved and improvements implemented