Edit mode

Edit mode is used to edit elements that have been added to a score. Most types of elements can be edited in one way or another in edit mode.

To enter edit mode use any of these methods:

  • Double-click any element
  • Right-click on it and choose Edit Element
  • Click on it once and use the shortcut Ctrl+E (Mac: Cmd+E).

To leave edit mode, hit Esc.


For text edit mode, see Text editing.


Lines and similar elements, such as slurs, hairpins, arpeggios, and brackets, display square handles in edit mode (which turn blue when selected). A slur, for example, looks like this:

Sample slur in Edit Mode

To alter the shape of a line, click on a handle and either drag it or, for finer control, use the arrow keys. The following keyboard commands can be used to adjust the position of the currently selected handle:

  • : Move handle left 0.1 staff space (one staff space is the distance between two staff lines, as set in Page Settings)
  • : Move handle right 0.1 staff space
  • : Move handle up 0.1 staff space
  • : Move handle down 0.1 staff space
  • Ctrl+ (Mac: +): Move handle left one staff space
  • Ctrl+ (Mac: +): Move handle right one staff space
  • Ctrl+ (Mac: +): Move handle up one staff space
  • Ctrl+ (Mac: +): Moves handle down one staff space
  • Alt+: Move handle left 0.01 staff space
  • Alt+: Move handle right 0.01 staff space
  • Alt+: Move handle up 0.01 staff space
  • Alt+: Move handle down 0.01 staff space
  • Shift+: Move handle's anchor (the note or measure to which it is attached) left
  • Shift+: Move handle's anchor right
  • Tab: Go to next handle

When an endpoint handle is selected, an anchor—a dotted line showing what part of the score the line is connected to—may appear. To move an anchor, use Shift+ or Shift+.


Offsetting notes

To move a single note to the right or left (e.g. to avoid a collision with another element or to override notehead sharing), select the notehead and change the chord horizontal offset in the Inspector. Alternatively, you can do the same thing in note edit mode as follows:

  1. Enter note edit mode by (i) double-clicking a notehead OR (ii) right-clicking a notehead and selecting "Edit Element", OR (iii) selecting a notehead and pressing Ctrl + E.
  2. Press the arrow key in the direction (left or right) that you wish to nudge the note (or use Ctrl+ or Ctrl+ for larger adjustments).
  3. Press the Esc key. This will allow the note stem to be redrawn.

Note: Edit mode for a note stem allows you to change the length of the stem, not move it horizontally. To reposition a note stem, click on it and adjust horizontal offset in the Inspector.

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