Grace notes

A grace note is a type of musical ornament, usually printed smaller than regular notes. The Short grace note, or Acciaccatura, appears as a small note with a stroke through the stem. The Long grace note, or Appoggiatura, has no stroke.

Grace Notes palette

Create grace notes

Grace notes can be found in the "Grace notes" palette in the Basic or Advanced workspace.

Add a grace note

  • Select a regular note and double click a grace note in a palette, OR
  • Drag a grace note symbol from a palette onto a regular note, OR
  • Select a note and press / to create an acciaccatura only.

To add a group of grace note to a regular note, simply repeat the above actions as many times as required.

Add a chord of grace notes

Grace note chords are built up just like regular chords:

  1. Enter the first note of the chord as shown above
  2. Select this first grace note and enter subsequent notes as you would for any other regular chord (i.e. Shift+ note names (C, D, E etc...) etc).

If you want to change the duration of a previously created grace note, select it and choose a duration from the toolbar or enter with one of the keys 1 ... 9 (see Note input).

Grace notes after a note (such as a trill termination) may have to be manually adjusted with Ctrl + arrow keys.

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