Barlines showing in some but not all staves of system

• May 1, 2011 - 06:55

Hi there,

Apologies for making so many posts... Finishing a major project to meet conductor in 2 days.

For large sections of my piece I need some singers to have bar lines, and other not to.
I have found two solutions to this issues, but they both have major downsides. If anyone has a simpler/ more time effective way, please let me know.

My two ways:

1. Double click on the barline that I want removed to go to 'edit mode' drag the barline up so that it can't be seen.
- Downside - when I save and reopen the barlines have all reverted back to normal and are visible. I can get around this by doing them all at once, then saving as a PDF. Not ideal though...

2. Click on the barline and select 'set invisible'. Next for the staves I do want barlines showing, input them in manually. Select 'Lines' on the palette. Select the bottom one 'line'. Edit this to the shape of a bar line. Repeat.
- Downside - this is extremely time consuming.

Any help much appreciated.


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