Copy and Paste bug - double chord text

• Feb 24, 2009 - 00:32

Not a big one, but a problem nevertheless. When copying a full measure from one clef, it also copies the Chord name which is linked to the other clef. For example, if I copy only the bass clef measure and paste it into a blank measure - it carries with it the chord name from the treble clef.

I'm writing for accordion, so I use m, M, 7, dim as chord call-outs in the bass clef. So if I copy a full measure (both clefs at the same time), say with "Am" noted in the treble clef and "m" noted in the bass clef, when I paste it, I now have two copies of "Am" and "m". Which you can't tell until you go to move or delete one of the chord names, and then there's a copy of it right behind it! Sneaky.

I'm using version 0.9.4 on Windows XP.

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