a few musescore.com tweak proposals

• Aug 31, 2016 - 20:02

Sorry if these are dupes:

with groups, what I "hope" is that eventually the API will let me upload to a group and members of the group can also edit what I upload [?]

Today I don't even seem to see a way to upload a piece to a group at all [?]


Not that I actually need the functionality yet, more like I'm reporting "it's hard to figure out groups currently."

Also a little more human-friendlier URL for scores might be nice, today it is:




Also being able to use paypal would be nice at some point, though I'm OK with Credit Cards :|

Also on this page:


It's not immediately clear to me anyway that it also lists "already existing" media. May want to add a header for "add new" versus "existing" or change something there.

Also on the view page (if you aren't pro):

it says "make this url the default" but it's not clear what url it's referring to...

suggestion/feature request: say instead

"make the current url [with this audio source] the default view" or something more clear as to what url it is referring to.


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