[2.0.0 nightly r4830] erratic behavior on Layout->Reset

• Oct 3, 2011 - 21:54

I've imported again this Mozart score into MS 2 nightly build r4830 on my Win7 x64 box and have been playing with the "layout reset" feature for a while.

It appears the reset sometimes works, and sometimes it reverts to the situation before the reset. The tuplets are the easiest to spot this behavior from, as the "3" appears at random places in scores with triplets. Sometimes I can clean their positions again with this reset function, sometimes I can't.

Saving the score in between edits does not solve the problem.

When resetting the stretch, "random" things happen with the tuplet labels too. I have to correct their rendering by using the reset function after a stretch reset. I expected this to happen automatically.

See attached image for illustrating what happens.

Attachment Size
2.0.0 tuplet after reset stretch.png 13.43 KB

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