Imaginary etude in doublew notes for both hands : solo piano by EARL MARTIN

• Oct 19, 2011 - 08:54

I wanted to remind myself of what I wanted to do next weekend.Write music in double notes for both hands and i wanted to have fun by sounding notes lower than any pianos I know have so i got a chance to hear what they sound like so this etude is for fingers on a virtual keyboard that has more than 8 octaves.If I finish this etude maybe it will be chilling frightful unreal sounding.We'llsee!
Always fun to play at musescore.The voice sounds and violin sounds can go real hi.try the trumpet,vibraphone celesta and crotales.AMAZING!!! So much fun.Composing is never a job even when you are finding solutions to knotty problems.what a great career this is!
At 45 years old I found this wonderful pasttime and rekindled my lost love of writing music.Maybe by ninetyI will have a few symphonies dozens of concerti and masses&sonates for vibraphone,cello,bassclarinet and bells finished.
On musescore you can write for ensembles you might never get to enjoy in real life like 8 bass clarinets and 12 english horns and 40 flutes and 12 viollins.Who knows the sounds you can make!

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