Concertino for solo Cello andwind&string ensembleand percussion

• Oct 19, 2011 - 09:04

this is a first sketch only.wonderful here I can hee ideas clearer than n my mind.Only a key away from hearing the real sound s.what a blessing this site is.
I now have 2 violin concerti without a solo violin part but a cello concerto with fabulous orchestral sounds and a divine cello part that is going to go thru lots of changes in the next year .It will prolly ended up being a two movement work with all the themes related and in 12 tone. Viola concerti are needed not many are given performances Primrose comissioned a few but there are probably less than 3 dozen by big names!
Yeah for 12 tone composition and new ways of generating MUSIC . If only they had some animal noises hear I could write some really serious work.Glass and other materials are what I m working on min my studio. Cello concerto will be one of my best and major works.My violin concerti will have to wait.A Piani concerto as big as Busoni's and Reger's massive concertos I hope-and a vibraphone concerto are planned as well as a tuba concerto.
Im studying Hindu rhythms so maybe a wood block concerto will come out of it or at least a suite for wood blocks and ensemble.Oh ,what fun we are having. Musescore saved me life!!!

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