Bandinage for 2 sopranos and winds,percussion and string quartet

• Oct 19, 2011 - 09:18

Charles Ives father first had this idea or at least wrote about it first.The idea of having simultaneous playing of different and separate musical groups. A symph for 2 conductors and orchestras his son wrote and Andrew tovey has written hordes of this kinda music .He cares not for making it work together he is too modern for that.Its like several radios in one room.I however want to put different music that have similar emotional ideas together similar thematic material and instrumentation is too easy butI will try every idea I get.
So here we have DukeEllington's Solitude and Henry Purcell's Dido's Lament with percussion and vibraphone.OOH I just LOVE IT !!! -and maybe I'll get a 3rd song one in there for fun. Im not sure what a badinage came from word means dalliance and Bach's famous b minor flute &orchestral suite use the term so shallI adn Godowsky uses tto put butterfly etude with op.10 G flat .Woulda been something with two different keys/Ravel gives us lotsa that.cmajor with fsharp arpeggio is a bee yoot -ootiful thing!
Godowsky did this with the Chopin etudes they are famously difficult to play but they sound good together so maybe many people have had this idea of putting separate songs together. Bach did it at end of Goldberg variations with quodlibet.SoI guess the isea had been around for centuries but Ives & his Father were the ones who didnt care if it sounded a mess in fact that was what he wanted and that makes him my hero.
I have already written a piece for madrigal and gospel chorus and Ive been toying with this idea for at least 2 years now so we will see -What I can accomplish.
I love the din of percussion instruments and bassclarinets and contrabassons and contra bass tubas and anything I have not heard too often I will write for.Toy piano preludes dedicated to JohnCage will be coming soon.
sincerely off my rockers and loving it EArL Martin .

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