Cello concertino new beginning first sketch Christmas Concertino by EARL MARTIN

• Oct 23, 2011 - 06:34

Discovered Messiaen's Hindu rhythms and I'm putting jazz harmonies into my music finally.African contribution must always be in my music.Seriously gonna have to discover the continents rhythms and harmonies and instruments.Why take so long for this?
This is going to be a 6 month project at least .Slow movement and fast final mov. all linked with same theme/counter theme subject! - in one movement. I know I will be proud of this .It is as interesting already orchestrally as my 2nd violin concerto which still has no SOLO VIOLIN PART!!!!!.
NOTES TO SELF since no copy yet!
Is it too much 3 flutes and 3 oboes and cor Anglais .Will it really sound like this? French horns will always project more so be careful!
Christmas Concertino makes me think piccolo to add to 3 flutes.
Celesta and cello remember to solo together.
Cello&cor Anglais must duet too!
Maybe beginning could have a more demanding dominating cello part with jazzy flutes&oboe?
So, its not a romantic virtuoso cello concerto but there will be some flights of fancy.
No finale yet its already a 7 minute work.Finale will revise all existing themes be as long as whole is up to now!

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