Preludes2011 #1,2,5,11&12 by E A R L MARTIN

• Nov 13, 2011 - 05:15

I thought book would be completed with 12 now I might try 15 . Added #12 and changed #1 a little.Morton Feldman is soooo in deeee house! Morton Feldman is obviously the house god. South Indian Carnitic theory , Hindu rhythms and Olivier Messiaen are taking a backseat for a week or so. It really is a type of laziness because with modes and new rhythmic ideas so much can happen.I don't know where Morton got his great harmonies from but i bet he found the numerics behind harmonics and found which notes gave nothing of their color to other notes and decided to make these the double intervals they are as ugly as hell at first to some-but I love them of course and are turning over everything to find his pitches. I adore Morton Feldman more than Messiaen it seems! Oh well . Im having great fun . Number 12 is goind to be atleast 4 minutes long. Its gotta take time if u are gonna hear unusual pitch combinations. Wait till my sitar music gets posted!!!

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