Preludes 13,14,15,&16 for Piano by EARL MARTIN

• Nov 21, 2011 - 04:05

My first book of preludes is inching towards completion .I dont need to write 24 it might end at 16 since my new Mort Feldman,ElliottCarter influence is very different from 2008's still heavily ravel and Chopin influence. Its there in th epiano writing if not in the still very possesive individualistic harmonies. What will happen to this stuff wheni get too a real school with composition professors.Maybe I will write only for computers so people can play it at home on puters .no more instruments everything done by machine except machine plays machine like and my work is way too personal for thatas sometimes I hear when hey r played back for me.
Im starting a childrens opera called the Little Kingdom about a future world where all the adults are gone and a biobomb left the race unable to mature :turns out the kingdom is just as a childish as the one we know now.-that was the whole of this weekend-and what Im most thrilled about. My very next post if u can guesss that! I am charmed by my own invention.I can see it as I sit at the piano.The visitor ,the princessMia and the king they are all brothersand sisters but the visitor was in the forest when the bomb went and only now is being reintroduced to his brother it seems he was older than all the kids and reveals to them what a terrible mistakes thier collective society is doing .The world has gotten no better than the previous one and their is a kingdom nextdoor of half animal half humans who are preparing to attack the little kingdom.OOOOOOH!!!!!! Not Birstwhistle but a real children's opera witha story and libretto by me!

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