No Sound R5161?

• Dec 31, 2011 - 13:00

No Sound R5161?

Just tried out the latest nightly.

Entered a few notes - dead silence whilst doing that.

Tried play - dead silence

Checked on Mixer Window - no sign of the standard SoundFont but something called Aeolus?

Opened Synth Window - there was no Soundfont listed in the SoundFont Window so I added the Standard TimGM6mb soundfont.

Tried play again - still dead silence!

Checked Preferences window and all seemed in order, but I hit reset to defaults anyway.

Still no sound on playback.

This was on my laptop - Windows XP Home SP3 using Trust USB Speakers

I've just tried again using the laptop's normal sound system and I have now got sound, however the TimGM6mb SoundFont still had to be installed into the Synth Window manually.

Hope this is the right place to report this without opening an issue :)

If not I won't be offended if you move it :)

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