So a song it is: Sequence 17

• Jan 6, 2017 - 07:21

I want to buy the pro account right?
but I do not know how often I will be back to enjoy that membership?

so anyway -- If I am back more than three times this month I will buy that membership as a pro-account.
I am aware that the trial pro account is what I should do so mmm I will see after I sleep tomorrow If this site is still in my mind and I am back to start the pro-trial account for a month.

anyway I have a music site a music and a payed membership at soundcloud. and use the sound cloud like it is raining music. cause it is. mmm well it is snowing now.

or this link,,,

and here is the Musescore compressed file.

sequence 17.mscx

Maybe next time it will be easier then this...

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