Ideas for the Tab-feature

• Apr 5, 2012 - 10:56

I met Thomas and Nicolas at "Musikmesse" and we talked about about the tab-feature in musescore.
Now in the nightly 5516 , you have implemented a full bend, which is a solution by Mel Bay and therefore perhaps under copyright?
My version comes from powertab and it's also used by tuxguitar.

Symbols for the "palm mute" could be (PM), for " pull off" (P) "Hammering on (H)

For indicating the right-hand taping a little square around the tab-numbers could be useful.

For the picture
1. is a whole-ton Bend
2. is a semi-ton Bend
3. is a quarter-ton Bend
4. is a Bend and release
5. is a Prebend
6. release only
7. slur from above
8. slur from below
9. Palm mute
10. Natural harmonics

best regards


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