r1833 crashes

• May 31, 2009 - 23:00

Please see attached files.
I worte the 1st one, then put in the voltas. I went to the style menus and selected edit style->chordnames and selected use symbols and use jazz forn.
I then went to text styles ->chordname and selected size 13, bold.
I changed the global distance for the chordnames to -2.
I saved.
I then reduced the nume of bars from 100 to the proper size for the tune.
I saved
I then tried to save a backup as I was going to try to see if breaking out a part affected the program. The program saved, but when it finished saving, the indicator on the title tab showed that it was NOT saved. I then hit control s to be sure that it was saved. Crash.

This was on the backup copy.

Attachment Size
POINCIANA score.mscz 2.96 KB
POINCIANA score backup.mscz 2.98 KB

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