General Thanks

• Jul 14, 2009 - 23:56

Just a general thanks to all the people involved with this project, including the users who are so forthcoming with their frustrations.

But especially to the Administration and support staff(?) who, in the 20 or so weeks that I have been involved as a user, have done such a great job answering my questions (and others also) and working to make this program do the things I feel I need. I am amazed at the long way it has come in the short time i have known about it.

Also, I want to comment on the general tone of the "community". While there are times where people seem frustrated, I understand that as I have had severe frustrations when I was working to a deadline and the program was blowing up. However, the answers to questions and problems are generally well tempered, kind and useful.

Thank you, and the very best to you.


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