How to set equalizers for Piano recording or audio editing

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ATTACHED IS A PDF sheet that shows equalizer setting for piano frequencies as well as a table that shows the frequency for every piano key.

Proper EQ settings will prevent 'muddy' or "tinny' sounds for recording or for audio editing of a music file.

You can turn your Muse score into an MP3 audio file by recording it during playback. It WILL need equalizer adjustments after recording.

I use AVS Audio Editor, however there are numerous recording programs that will record anything playing on your computer.

If your Windows computer does not seem to be recording, FIRST ... REMOVE any connected headphones.
If that does not work go to your computer "Control Panel" then click on "Sound" and RIGHT CLICK in a blank space in that box and click on "Show Disabled Devices" ... be sure to click on any "Disabled" devices.

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