SoundFont Notation for Unpitched/Untraditional Instruments.

• May 19, 2018 - 22:45

Hey guys!

I have used SoundFonts in my projects for a long time, but there's always a problem of using SoundFonts that I noticed but didn't want to address until now. I have some SFZ folders of percussion instruments, some which are not specifically provided or formatted in the "Instruments" palette. As a result, the SFZs either don't work or do not playback all their possible sounds.

For example, I have a Bass Drum SFZ that I have imported into Zerberus and is selectable in the mixer. I add it into the "Drumset" instrument, but it only provides playback of a few files on different notes. Some sound files seem restricted because the notation of the "Drumset" does not cover all the "pitches" the SFZ would playback on.

Is there a way for me to make an instrument myself in the "Instruments" palette so I can make notation for SFZs that allow them to playback every individual file? (Or a similar solution/trick) Thank you for the help!

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