error inputting chord with "Re-pitch"

• Oct 21, 2018 - 19:39

Best explained by an example.
suppose i have 4/4 time signature and some measures.
in the first measure a whole note is present, and in the second measure also one of the same pitch.
the notes are augmented, so in total a length of 2 whole notes.
now i select the note in the first measure and enter "Re-pitch"-mode.

from my midi-keyboard i enter CEG-chord.

the result is one augmented note over measure one and two,
the two remaining notes are not augmented but are only present in measure 2.

i cannot detect a pattern which of the three notes will be augmented, this is somewhat random.

this problem apperas in various note-size and various chords.

My keyboard is an older Roland keyboard, which uses an old interface-to USB cable, but it works just fine.
Inputting single notes WITH augmentation, and inputting chords WITHOUT augmentation works just fine when using "Re-pitch".
so when inputting augmented chords, i define the augmentation afterward, but maybe this can be fixed, augmentation beforehand is a lot easier.

greetz Harrie.

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