Anyone here using CAT to translate the handbook?

• Dec 31, 2018 - 13:41

Hello (this post is aimed at professional translators)

Is there anyone here translating the handbook in some way with the help of CAT tools? I'm interested in hearing what your approach or work method is when using a CAT tool when translating the handbook.

I'm busy trying to figure out how that might work, although the biggest problem is the fact that the handbook uses a dialect of markdown that is not supported by major CAT tools by default. If you know of any CAT tool that can parse the MuseScore handbook's markdown code, that would be something to look at. At the moment (in my tests), I convert the markdown losslessly to uncleaned RTF (for use in e.g. Trados and Wordfast (see example if interested)), but I suspect most CAT tool users might prefer XLIFF.

OmegaT does have a markdown filter (as a plugin) but it doesn't work with MuseScore's markdown. A number of tools are now claiming partial or experimental YAML support, but that's too technical for me.

Looking forward to ideas...

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