Follow system audio for output

• Feb 20, 2019 - 05:58

I'm frequently shifting my editing work not only between my desktop and my laptop, but also between using the built-in speakers for output and one or another bluetooth headset. But MuseScore makes the change rather miserable everytime.

The Mac makes it simple: go to the volume control in the menu bar and select a different output device. But how MS will behave is unpredictable. It never works right away; but when you enter the I/O settings area, you never know what options will present themselves.

However, usually some combination of clicking the I/O dropdowns and, invariably, restarting MS will get the audio going where you want. But all that is a hassle. And it's also not without some trial and error, meaning there are short bursts of sound that enter what is supposed to be a completely silent room.

I can't fathom why MS wouldn't have what would appear to be a rather trivial option of "just follow the system audio". Ie, don't make me ever enter the I/O settings area unless I'm doing something really weird. Just send all the audio to the system audio bus, and let the user use the convenient OS widgets to direct it elsewhere.

If, for some reason, the user wants to send MS audio somewhere DIFFERENT than system audio, let those people struggle with settings to get them as they like.

If I'm missing something, please enlighten me. Forgive my rant.


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